Long orienteering trousers

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The lightweight long trousers in specially body-shaped design are meeting all orienteering runners' needs. Front panel is made from Luvia material with water-repulsive coating, back part of legs is made from stretch Espan material allowing full range of movement for the athlete. Front parts from the waist up to knee areas are underlined with Mesh material and there is a ventilation hole under knee area that leaves a bit of play for knee movement. These trousers also come with a waistband and drawstring and two zip pockets. Reflective zips on trouser legs and distinctive reflective details on the front and back panels of the legs. All zips are equipped/provided with lock down system.

Référence: at496
Matériau: Luvia + Espan + Mesh basic
Variantes: Unisex / Dětská
Tailles: 122-128 / 134 - 140 / 146 / 152 / XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL / 3XL